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Providing Quality Service with Integrity since 1987


Over the years I have gotten to know a lot of generous people who I now consider to be friends more than customers. 

I started in the pest control industry in 1987. It has been the only full-time job I have ever had--the one constant thing in my professional career.

They have given me several titles, such as "Technician", "Exterminator", and the always popular “Bug man”.

Although I answer to all of these, I think the best description for who I am is a "Problem Solver".

A customer calls me because the one place they want to feel the safest is their home, and they can’t. That's where I come in.

By solving this pest problem and making their home safe again, they get back their peace of mind. That's  the main reason I have done this for 30 years and want to continue to do it for many more. 

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                        - Dave Shaw




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