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So you've scheduled Dave to come out, now what?

There are preparations you can do to maximize the effectiveness of our treatment! 


These steps are important to enable treatment to be thorough!

Clean out contents of kitchen cabinets, top and bottom. Empty drawers and clear off counter tops. 

Do the same in any bathroom that has roaches in vanity or medicine cabinet.

If possible, items removed from cabinets or drawers need to be put in airtight containers such as plastic totes with lids or large trash bags


Bedding in infected room needs to be stripped off bed, washed and dried on high heat

If the bed has a headboard and footboard, they need to be disassembled from frame

Contents should be emptied from nightstands and outlet covers closest  to the bed need to be removed

Small, loose items need to be picked up off the floor and stored in airtight containers


Vacuum all carpets, wash any pet bedding

Have pet treated about same time as house treatment

After treatment is completed, house needs to be vacant of people and pets for 4 hours

Without these preparations being done prior to appropriate treatments, control may be limited




Thanks for reaching out.

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